Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

a little Monk

i have a new idea about the short Animation.
story about Buddha with a little monk.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am so lazy to complete the below of background.
In the first time it's that the ocean but i can't imagine on it.
I found the easier way. cloud can help..!!
Now i just waiting for my Opponent.
Benzwon Do you hear me...!! For get starcraft one a moment man.!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


For this time it is finished.
But i can add more detail.


Today's very strange. I especially diligent.
Thaiairship almost done.
Only remaining is details of the clouds. Tomorrow should be done.


Maybe This would be the final of designing. I think so. i like this design very much.
Next time i try to do with color.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wake in a dream

Today is the 25th July 2010
I woke up at 8 o'clock I eat a breakfast bread. I have purchased from themall yesterday.
After that i felt sleepy.So I go to the bed and lie down and close my eyes.
Actually, I do not want to go to sleep.I just want to meditate only by sleep.
I usually meditate an hour a day at night.
I feel very sleepy.But I try not to sleep.I feel that I am going to sleep all the time.
I feel my body that it is a little tight but my mind calm.
I feel all parts of the body in the same period.
I feel like this every time on meditation. Normally it takes about an hour to come to this situation.
But this time. I think I spent time less than one minute.And usually.
I can not keep feeling like this take more time.
But now I think the time pass more than two or three minutes.
Now. My feeling tells me that my body is sleeping.But I think I'm still wake.
I have heard that Many people have experience with astral travel. I think it is happening to me.
I decided to stand up.I feel i can not stand up my body is very hard.
I try to do that again. Finally i can stand up
I do not feel afraid. But I want to prove
I head over to the window.My room is on the fifth floor. The below is a swimming pool.
I saw the childrens are playing at the swimming pool.I'm not sure How many childrens are there.
For sure I need to know the number of children in the pool.Because now I think it is the truth.But i'm not sure.
I'm not sure this is a astral travel, but I decided to step out of the window.
Oh.. i can fly . I still on 5 floor. I did not fall to the ground.
But I can not control the body.When the winds came, I felt wobbly.
Soon I learned to control the body still flying.And now I can Count the number of children at the pool.
I counted to six people.I fly down to the pool, make sure to count again.But now I count to twelve.
When i flying near the pool. I saw a back of woman in blue suite. She has long hair.But I'm not very interested.

I fly through the pool. And through beside of the building. And come to the front of the building.
Environment that I see are real. Everything remains the same.
I saw sportclub. I saw the shop. I saw the guard and I saw one yellow-green taxi.
I fly to close and look at the license plate.
The number on licence plate is 11-1111. I feel strange But I try to remember the number.
And now I think. I have a class English at 10:30 o'clock.
I should be back to my room.I tried to force myself back into the body with eyes closed.
But it dose't work.
So I changed my mind .and fly to the gate and walk through the gate without opening.
I arrived in front of the elevator
And press the botton. when the door open I come into the elevator
I press the botton to the fifth floor.
When the elevator open at the fifth floor.And i come out of the elevator .I feel something wrong.
This is not my fifth floor that i have been here. I saw the graffiti around the wall and i saw the door of my room.
I think i press the wrong number. But i don't care . I want to go to learn English.
When i open the door . I wake up .

immediately when i get up I look at the clock on the wall. The time pass 10 minutes.
I head over the window and see the swimming pool at the below i saw one guy and two children.
So I know that just a dreams.
But i don't feel disappointment. Becuase i can remember everything in my dream.
what i saw . How i feel. and the most important.
I can fly.

this is first time that i write a long paragraph with English.I hope you understand.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meditation Ship 3

First time i have no idea to do this.
Because if i do the color and shader in 3D software it is easier .
But.Finally i have done in two version .
I like the black one.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Meditation Ship2

Last update
this is final design i could be possible.
i think i should finished drawing concept because i don't have time too much.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meditation Ship

An ideas from the goldfish does not work.
I changed the concept. Return to the first idea that I think will do
I think I like this work.
I drew it after about an hour to complete meditation.
White dot on the vehicle is the total concentration on your meditation.

English class 1

Today 10:30 o'clock I have English class.
I'm a little late.
Teacher who is quite humorous.
We talk about creating animation. He tried to understand What I say.
Although I do not understand what they all say. But it was not bad.

Today I know the word Phycologist.
But when I find it in dictionary. I find it is not found. It does not exist.
Sometimes teachers may write wrong
Or I could not remember the spelling.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Background Image

you can find the Blogger background image in line 102 of css.

My CSS file here...

Thai air ship

Don't let time leave
I would like to add more detail.
But after my sketch is finished i have another ideas.
i would like to make it look like the gold fish shape.

First draft

and this is my first idea.
I try to use thai graphic to modify 2D shape into 3D.
I thing i like the black one on top left.

I want to build temples and various Thai House on the back of it.

Hello world

This is my first blog. I have something to say.
Now I have a little competition at my office.
It was a concept drawing of thaiship in the future.
Participants include the Tin and Benzwon.

Now I have a small idea that would make it about Meditation
Next time I'll come out to see